Postpartum Doula Package

A postpartum package includes one 4-hour prenatal visit, and three 4-hour postnatal visits, with a minimum of 16 hours total.  Additional hours can be purchased in 4-hour increments if more support is needed.

What’s Included

Non-judgmental support and encouragement on the decisions and choices your family makes as you take on your new roles 

- Nourishing food to have on hand so you can best care for yourself and family, including snacks, comforting beverages, and meal prep 

- Help as the birthing parent heals from birth including comforting touch and holding space to listen to your birthing story and postpartum experience

- Evidence-based information and community resources to support the decisions you make for your family and children

- Basic lactation support, including positioning and help with latch as well as resources for chestfeeding support groups and certified lactation consultants

- Newborn care and education, including information on bonding, baby wearing, and soothing techniques

- Sibling care support and resources on bonding as a family

- Text, phone, and email support


Postpartum Doula Package (16-hours) - $640

Additional hours (4-hour increments) - $40/hour

If you are interested in a Postpartum Doula Package, please contact me!

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